Plumbing and Drainage Services

: Commercial and Domestic

dRAINS kLEEN’s plumbing technicians, are equipped with the latest plumbing and drainage equipment, as well as the ‘know how’ required to carry out any commercial or domestic plumbing and drainage service, we may be required for.

Our Specialised plumbing and drainage services include, but are not limited to:

blocked stormwater drain, Sunshine Coast
A mass of tree roots removed by dRAINS kLEEN from a 300mm blocked stormwater drain, Sunshine Coast

Our professionally trained & licensed plumbers, operate our specialised plumbing and drainage service throughout Brisbane and the

The CCTV inspection helps us to locate the problem within the drain and rectify the problem
Our jett head went right up through the gaping hole in this Broken / Blocked drain Noosa. The CCTV inspection helped us to locate the problem within the drain and rectify the problem

Sunshine Coast. We differentiate ourselves from other plumbing and drainage services because our speciality is understanding drain layout, how your drains work most efficiently & where problems are likely to arise, giving long term solutions, when fixing your individual drainage issues and offering a complete drain service with workmanship like no other in the industry.

No matter whether you live around Brisbane, Caboolture, Maleny, Maroochydore, Noosa or Gympie, if it’s quality plumbing and drainage services that you need, we’re here for you! When called on to maintain your pipes, clear blockages, clean slow and smelly drains – in your toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, vents, traps, pits, storm water drains, drain pipes, sewerage systems, septic systems, gully traps, downpipes or anything which may require our attention, if we can fix it – we will, but if it needs replacing, you will be consulted immediately, prior to us continuing on with the job. Cleaning, inspecting and repairing your drains as quickly and effortlessly as possible, is our top priority, so you can carry on with your day without too much disruption.

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