We Do Patch Drain Relining!


Example of a patch pipe relining
This pic shows how patch drain relining looks from within the drain, repairing the damaged pipe and reinforcing the surrounding area.

Patch drain relining – also known as no-dig pipe repair / trench-less pipe relining / mainline patching or pipeline rehabilitation, is the perfect solution for cracked, broken drains or damaged pipes in those hard to access areas. We have a variety of repair kits allowing for patch drain relining of various sized domestic pipes around your home as well as larger industrial / commercial pipes.

Patch drain relining may be considered to prevent leakage and ground water infiltration at pipe joints, pipe walls & lateral junctions. Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures, mechanical wear or corrosion, and is specifically for damaged pipes beneath the under slab of your home, under beautiful landscaped garden, concrete driveway, swimming pool, under car parks, roads, offices, shopping centres or anything else which can not easily be dug up.

Using the EPROS patch repair system we can carry out sectional repairs for drain pipes up to 600mm in diameter. We insert a fibre glass wrapped bladder into the damaged section of the drain and inflate until the resin has set, sealing the cracks and reinforcing the surrounding area.

If you have broken/cracked drains, you can save money with No-Dig Pipe Repair . As you can imagine the benefits of pipe relining are many. By not having to replace / disturb expensive infrastructure above a broken drain, you can

SAVE your home / landscape

SAVE your pipes /drains

SAVE your money $$

SAVE your time

Rely on dRAINS kLEEN’S experienced technicians to rehabilitate your drains from the inside, without above foundations being disturbed.

This industry leading  patch drain relining system allows us to essentially form a pipe within the existing damaged pipe. This lining will hold strong for at least 50 years or more. Once the patch drain relining process in complete the resin will have filled all of the joins & cracks, completely sealing the problem areas & leaving the drain with a smooth, strong, watertight interior lining, which water and waste to pass through, whilst being impenetrable by anything from the exterior, including tree roots.

broken drain for patch pipe relining
This is a drain which may require patch drain relining.

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