Pre Purchase Drain Inspection:

 Don’t Buy Your New Home Without One!!

Why you ask? Well it’s simple, if you value your hard earned cash you will want to consider this- Building inspections do not include a pre purchase drain inspection!

Pre Purchase Drain Inspection
For piece of mind, arrange a pre purchase drain inspection today.

Everybody who buys a new home has the building inspected, prior to the purchase. But, what they don’t realise is that this does not include a pre purchase drain inspection. So..consider this.. a large majority of the drainage system runs under the home, which is why they are a forgotten commodity.

What could possibly go wrong? Well.. the drains may be full of cracks which let in tree roots and dirt, the cracks may have been there since construction and slowly over time they have become worse, or something else may be to blame, the thing is you can not see this from above. Hidden away under the foundations are a maze of drains which, if compromised, will make your new home, a new nightmare and wind up costing you thousands. If only you had organised that pre-purchase drain inspection, you could have saved yourself much heartache and anguish not to mention the dollars $$.

We have seen it first hand, on several occasions we have been called homes that have only been recently been purchased and the drains are cactus chock-a-block full of tree roots and the new owner is mortified to find out the scale of the work involved to rectify the drainage problems. It is too late now to write it into the conditions of the sale contract, because the paperwork is all done and dusted and the new owner it left with the bill.

Pre purchase drain inspection
Pre purchase drain inspections will prevent finding this after you have bought your new home.

So do yourself a favour and consider a pre purchase drain inspection when buying a new home. Whether it be on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, book your pre purchase drain inspection before you sign, and you’ll probably be thanking  me later. After all it is better to have known and found nothing, than not known and spent your money on a bottom-less money pit.

Arrange your pre purchase drain inspection today, we can inspect all of the drains on the property, giving you piece of mind that you are not, buying a home with drains that have already been compromised, or infiltrated with tree roots.

We will carry out the pre purchase drain inspection with our CCTV drain cameras. You will be given an inspection report and footage showing the condition of the pipes including

  • Sewer pipe inspection
  • Stormwater drain inspection
  • Downpipe and gutter inspection

At your request, we can also inspect  :- All other plumbing fixtures in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom.

Happy House Hunting!




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